dwvisser Nuclear physics-related codes written and maintained by Dale W Visser
dwvisser.analysis Codes and code libraries for analyzing kinematics and particle-ID for nuclear physics experiments.
dwvisser.analysis.spanc Code libraries for the Spanc program.
dwvisser.analysis.spanc.tables GUI libraries for the various tables in the Spanc program.
dwvisser.applet Useful applets.
dwvisser.jamUtilities Programs for processing event files and hdf files produced by Jam.
dwvisser.math Miscellaneous classes for mathematical physics computations.
dwvisser.monte Monte Carlo simulations, including spectograph/YLSA coincidences.
dwvisser.nuclear Classes for calculating low energy relativistic kinematics and stopping in materials. Classes for displaying plots of state positions on a spectrograph.
dwvisser.nuclear.swing Classes for printing and for choosing values of parameters in JRelKin.
dwvisser.nuclear.table Classes for displaying tables of results in JRelKin.
dwvisser.statistics Linear regression and minimization codes.